Since its foundation in 2000, REFLEX CES has acquired solid references from major players in the defense sector.

REFLEX CES is in particular supplier of Department of Defense in France and has empowered local and personal to him for processing classified subjects.

Military & Defense applications

  • REFLEX CES designs all the architecture of Electronic Warfare Systems (electronic boards, FPGA, software, mechanics) and ensure the production as well. These systems can be broken down into different versions depending on the application and environment rugged systems, embedded systems...
  • REFLEX CES designs and products complex electronic embedded systems for military applications: video, control or communication based on its complex hardware expertise. These solutions are qualified for military environments (EMC, ESD, temperature, shock, vibration, humidity).
  • Depending on the customer requirements REFLEX CES designs and products specific boards. REFLEX CES provides a large range of solutions based on its know how: FPGA & SoC, CPU and embedded software/OS, state of the art PCB routing and board design.
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