Product overview

Sleek, Portable Powerhouse for demanding applications

The Radius Edge is a sleek, all-in-one, portable workstation that delivers powerful performance and a professional image for you and your customers.

It combines engineering-class workstation computing with a thin, low-profile chassis. Whether you need to work remotely with partners or clients, or you need maximum performance in a minimum of space, the Radius Edge blows any laptop out of the water, and outperforms many larger tower systems.


Benefits & features

  • Briefcase-like form factor and integrated 17.3″ Full HD display
  • Configurations available with Intel Xeon or Intel Core i7 and up to 256GB RAM
  • PCI EXPRESS EXPANSION - Support for 2 full-size PCI Express cards (or one dual-slot card) including graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD
  • EXTENSIVE STORAGE - Up to 4 internal Solid State Drives, up to 4TB each, or dual hot-swap hand-removable storage. Onboard SATA RAID 0/1/5/10 or via add-in PCIe RAID controller

Includes carrying case for system and accessories. Optional rugged transport cases also available

Tech spec

  • Single Intel® Xeon or single Intel® Core­™ i7
  • Memory up to 256GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM
  • PCI Expansion : (1) dual-slot or (2) single-slot PCI Express 3.0 x16 cards, up to 10.5” (266.7mm) in length
  • Storage up to (4) fixed internal Solid State Drives, up to 4TB each, depending on configuration (Additional Options: Up to (2) removable Solid State Drives, up to 4TB each, depending on configuration; Additional external USB storage devices)
  • Onboard SATA RAID 0/1/5/10, or via add-on PCIe RAID controller
  • Integrated 17.3” (439.42 mm) LED LCD (1920×1080) with scratch-resistant glass
  • Power : 600W 110/220V, 50/60Hz auto-switching 80 PLUS rated power supply
  • Physical : 4.30” (109.22mm) D x 17.33” (440.18mm) W x 14.76” (374.9mm) H, 15-18 lbs. (depending on configuration) ; Operating temp: 0-30°C
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty

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