Industrial measurement instrument

For instance REFLEX CES has developed a board aimed to be a part of an industrial equipment controlling and measuring optical fibers, and performing defect detection of wires in production.

One of the challenges to design the board was the size of the board which respects the DDR3 Sodimm form factor with huge concentration of components: the Cyclone V E FPGA 484 pins 19x19mm, one DDR3 device dedicated to the Profinet IP, one DDR3 device dedicated to the Triple Speed Ethernet IP, the Profinet PHY device (Marvell 88E1111), the Ethernet PHY device (Marvell 88E1111), an EPCQ, a temperature sensor, an EEPROM and power supply devices. This Cyclone V E mother board can communicate through many interfaces: SPI, LVDS links, UART, GPIO, ADC and DAC.