Intel® FPGA SoC modules (SoM) from REFLEX CES are designed to be low risk, ready-to-use, cost-effective embedded platforms. Their small form factor, compact extensive feature set, and high memory density allows them to be easily implemented in a variety of systems, accelerating the design and development cycle and reducing time-to-market.


They are the perfect solution for quick product launch or to address high volumes.


REFLEX CES also offers the option to slightly modify or design a full custom variant for even greater cost reduction or different form factor : see Custom & MOTS


Typical REFLEX CES SoMs include the SoC FPGA, on-board DDR4 memory, Ethernet, USB and PCIe interfaces.


REFLEX CES offers as modules a COM Express Basic form factor module and an ultra compact form factor module (at only 86x95 mm).


Carrier boards are also available for quick evaluation and prototyping. REFLEX CES can also support custom carrier board development suitable to any market such as Industrial Instrumentation, Machine Automation, Military & Defense, and Medical and Video processing.

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