4DSP LLC is an Austin, Texas-based corporation dedicated to the design and manufacture of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) board-level electronics, FPGA Intellectual Property (IP Core), and system level solutions.

With the most advanced digitizers and FPGA-based products, 4DSP has a reputation for delivering high-performance DSP solutions for the specific requirements of Military, Aerospace, Biomedical and Chemical Science applications. As an AS9100 certified company, 4DSP excels at providing solutions that make an impact in both the lab and the field. 


Related Products

  • The FMC142 is an analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) FMC daughter card that provides two 16-bit A/D channels at 370MSPS and two 16-bit D/A channels at 2.5GSPS which can be clocked by an internal clock source (optionally locked to an external reference) or by an externally-supplied sample clock. A trigger input is also available for customized sampling control. The FMC142 is mechanically and electrically compliant to the FMC standard (ANSI/VITA 57.1-2010). It offers front panel analog I/O access and can be used in a conduction-cooled environment.
  • The VP780 is a high-performance Virtex-7 VPX card with advanced digital signal processing capabilities.
  • The FMC410 is an optical transceiver module in the FMC form factor that offers ten independent optical transmit and receive links with maximum data rates of either 6.25Gbps or 10Gbps. This COTS card provides high-speed optical input and output for telecommunications, data networking, data storage, and ultra-high-definition video applications. The FMC410 can also be used as a dual 10Gb or dual 40Gb Ethernet port.