Gamma is one of the best suppliers of imported electronic parts in Russia. Their turnover is more than $20 million, with more than 45 employees. ReFLEX CES and Gamma have signed a distribution agreement in 2016.

Their conceptions and priorities are always changing to meet the requirements of today’s market, but the general principles are always permanent : the perfect operation, the highest level of the customer service, and the straight dealing with our partners.

Gamma is an official distributor for Intel FPGA, Linear Technology, Broadcom, Exar, ReFLEX CES, Silvertel, ATP, Terasic. They can provide both electronic components and technical support for customers, that’s why it is easier to pass the way from design to production with Gamma!

Gamma has four offices. There are the headquarters in Vyborg , and branch offices in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ulyanovsk and Yekaterinburg. 

All imported parts are shipped onto the main warehouse in Vyborg , and then are dispensed among other offices or shipped to customers.

The Marketing & FAE Department closely watches the customer’s requirements and always tries to meet them. If the customer has some problems with applying production, specialists are here to help.