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A.L.S.E – New Stratix® 10 trainings

Product overview


A.L.S.E is an Intel®-FPGA certified Training provider delivering public sessions in Europe and on-site trainings world-wide. The latest trainings include Stratix® 10 design and optimization.
ALSE has several additional portfolios :

  • All the design Languages and Methodologies including VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, UVM, PSL, Tcl/Tk, Scientific Python...
  • Services and Training in the Embedded Linux and software programming space
  • Specific Training in : Digital Video, PCIexpress, Ethernet etc...


More information on :  A.L.S.E website


> For owners of a REFLEX CES’ Development Kit, A.L.S.E offers special terms on their trainings

REFLEX CES’ boards highlighted on A.L.S.E website :

REFLEX CES' Stratix® 10 boards

REFLEX CES' Development Kits

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