FMC modules are plugged onto FPGA board and provide I/O to this interconnecting and processing device.

ReFLEX CES and its partners 4DSP offer a wide range of FMC modules able to fit your need for your most demanding applications. Most of these FMC cards are compliant with VITA57.1 specifications and can be used either on air-cooled or conduction-cooled carrier cards.

These FMC cards cover efficiently a large range of interfaces:
-          RF
-          A/D
-          D/A
-          A/D and D/A
-          DSP processors
-          Clock distribution
-          Optical transceivers
This portfolio of FMC boards is combined into our global offer with FPGA carrier boards equipped with VITA57.1 FMC sites. These FPGA boards are available in several industry form factor standards:
-          PCIe edge slot (PC slot)
-          VPX
-          CompactPCI
-          XMC
-          Stand alone

ReFLEX CES is also available to design your own FMC module and/or FPGA carrier board based on specific requirements - custom design.

FMC products

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