FMC424 - Dual QSFP+ connectivity FMC

The FMC424 is a dual QSFP+ FPGA Mezzanine Card. Electrically compliant with the VITA 57.1 standard the FMC424 is compatible with 4DSP FPGA carrier cards offering High Pin Count connectors. It also allows for the option to stack an additional FMC over it. Any of the 4DSP FMC that use LVDS and single ended signaling only can be mounted over the FMC424, thus offering users with the ability to build a complete high speed data acquisition, waveform generation and optical communication solution while using a single FMC site on an FPGA carrier card.

 The FMC424 is an ideal solution to bring high speed optical connectivity to an FPGA based system and ensure reliable external communication. 


Front description: 
The FMC424 is a dual QSFP+ FPGA Mezzanine Card compliant with VITA 57.1 standard, which offers numerous FPGA boards able to accept this module for optical interfaces.