Arria 10 IDK OpenCL BSP

OpenCL (Open Computing Language) is an open royalty-free standard for general purpose parallel programming across CPUs, GPUs and other processors, giving software developers portable and efficient access to the power of these heterogeneous processing platforms.

OpenCL abstracts the hardware layer from the programmer and allows him, even with little or no FPGA development skills , a quick and easy way to run his algorithms on a 100% FPGA accelerator target.

Based on Altera SDK for OpenCL, and optimized for ReFLEX CES Arria10 hardware, our BSPs are aligned with the “instant” philosophy of the DevKit family, gives the user the immediate ability to run OpenCL designs on the ReFLEX CES Accelerator boards and is a quick way of implementing complex parallel algorithms targeted on ReFLEX CES Arria 10 FPGA accelerators.