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Aurora 64B/66B IP Core

Product overview

The ALSE Aurora 64B/66B IP core is a very compact and optimized implementation of the Aurora 64B/66B protocol. Aurora 64B/66B is a lightweight and open protocol suitable for chip-to-chip, board-to-board and backplane applications using very high speed transceivers.

Compared to the 8B/10B version of the Aurora protocol, the 64B/66B flavor addresses the highest lanes speeds (when 8B/10B typically stops around 6 GBs per lane).
It also offers an effective bandwidth of up to 97%, instead of 80% for 8B/10B.

The IP therefore provides an efficient way to interconnect Intel and Xilinx FPGAs, or any other chip (ASIC, ASSP, etc …) using the Aurora 64B/66B protocol.

The Aurora 64B/66B IP core has been developed and tested for the REFLEX CES XpressGXS10-FH800G board.

Benefits & features

  • « In-System Probes and Sources » interface
  • Total of 16 lanes :
    • 4 independant instances (one per QSFP-DD)
    • 4 lanes per instance (QSFP28 compatible)
  • Data rate : @12.5Gbps / lane
  • PLLs configuration @312.5MHz
  • Shows framing mode with CRC
  • Full implementation of Aurora protocol
  • Full-duplex and Simplex Rx/Tx operations
  • 64-bits user datapath
  • Framing and Streaming interface
  • Up to 16 transceiver lanes per Aurora instance
  • User flow control
  • User K-block interface
  • Additional CRC for PDU frames
  • Native flow control
  • Clock compensation
  • and more





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