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Product overview

The MIL-STD1553 solution, developed by Nolam Embedded Systems and composed of the MIL-STD1553 IP CORE NES-IPCORE-M1553, the FMC Mezzanine module NES-FMC1553 and the FPGA-based board of REFLEX CES, Achilles Arria® 10 SoC SoM, provides a complete integrated MIL-STD1553 solution, for Aerospace and Defense applications.


The solution that implements Avionic interfaces like MIL-STD1553 on an FPGA brings a longer life cycle and more flexibility compared to dedicated avionics components.

In addition, with the architecture of the Achilles Arria® 10 board and Nolam FMCs & IP COREs, we can offer a standalone multiprotocol avionic solution (MIL-STD1553, ARINC429, ARINC825,AFDX ...).

Benefits & features

The MIL-STD1553 solution is using 2x IPs (NES-IPCOREM1553) and 2x FMC daughter cards (NES-FMC1553-2) from NOLAM EMBEDDED SYSTEMS.

This MIL-STD1553 solution demonstrates the MIL-STD-1553 Dual Channel communication : Frames display reception and transmission



  • Ethernet to MIL-STD1553 converter
  • Weapon system test bench
  • Military satellite internal communication
  • Fighter jet maintenance system

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