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Product overview

The Enyx Development Framework (nxFramework) is a hardware and software development environment designed to efficiently build and maintain ultra-low latency FPGA applications for the financial industry.

Aimed at reducing development time through standardizing the core IP blocks needed to build any FPGA-based trading platform, nxFramework enables developers to focus on optimizing their business logic and minimize their time-to-production. Any skilled FPGA developer starting a new low latency project, maintaining an existing one, or looking to change platforms can and should use nxFramework.

The nxFramework is a certified hardware platform for REFLEX CES boards, and has been already developed for the XpressGXA10-LP1150T and XpressGXA10-LP1151B boards.

Benefits & features

  • Mature technology and proven FPGA experts to assist in advancing projects to production faster and at a lower cost than building the components in-house
  • The scalable, modular design enables development across multiple use cases and is supported by a robust collection of IP cores & software libraries
  • Flexible and future-proof platform: nxFramework is platform agnostic and not restrained by current or future technology updates
  • Equipped with the Enyx Inspector, a web-based support tool for a quick deployment and efficient debugging


NxFramework block diagram, developed with REFLEX CES XpressGXA10-LP1150T board :

NxFramework general block diagram :


Tech spec

Ultra-low latency IP cores:


Platform management cores:

  • QSPI flash controller support
  • I²C bus controller for SFP/QSFP communication
  • Unified cross-platform BMC & platform-specific BMC support
  • Configurable instantiation of DDR and QDR memory controllers


Also included:

  • Library of 60+ IP cores for MMIO, streaming, math & memory management
  • The Enyx Inspector: a web-based FPGA runtime debugging tool
  • Linux drivers, communication & IP core management libraries
  • Off-the-shelf, configurable reference designs


Common financial use cases:

  • Market data processing engine
  • Inbound pre-trade risk gateway
  • Outbound order execution gateway
  • Tick-to-trade electronic trading platform
  • Financial data distribution application
  • Smart order router

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