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Product overview

The REFLEX CES Toolkit makes it fast and easy to get started with a board.

Users can quickly configure a design and then program the board to test all the interfaces available. The Toolkit generates a complete HDL project, including IP and test modules selected by the user through the graphical interface.

This fully customizable toolkit is currently available on our XpressGXS10-800G board.

Benefits & features

The Toolkit allows users to perform many tasks, including

  • configuration of various FPGA interfaces, design modules,
  • generation of VHDL code
  • generation and programming of firmware bitstream files to the FPGA on the board

The generated code can include, among other things, the REFLEX CES PCIe module.


The design flow summarizes all running and deactivated tasks, and follow a logical order :


7 tasks are available on the upper banner, and can be activated and deactivated by clicking on the check box.

A page is dedicated to each task, with its specific technical information:


The generated design is fully customizable.

On the module settings tab, users can choose and configure only the interfaces required for their application:


The REFLEX CES PCIe SDK is included in the Toolkit.

The PCIe SDK consist of drivers, an API, and a test HMI provided as a software example:


The status of the currently running task is indicated by the color of the LED :

 Pending task

 Task completed

 Task failed


In the event of a problem, click on the button at the top right to go to the web page or to display the user guide.

If files need to be shared with REFLEX CES technical support, they can be exported:


Introduction to the REFLEX CES Toolkit :

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