REFLEX CES Newsletter 10 – highlight of our brand new board based on the Intel® Agilex™ I-Series FPGA

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Q1 – 2022
Dear Customer,


We wish you a very Happy New Year.
It’s already our 10th newsletter! Thank you for taking time to read it every quarter.
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Today, we are pleased to offer a preview of our brand new board based on the Intel® Agilex™ I-Series FPGA: the XpressSX AGI-FH400G Agilex™ I-series SoC PCIe board.
This PCIe board has been specifically designed for Security, SmartNIC and Networking Acceleration.

This full-height, half-length PCIe board will offer quality and reliability for all of your embedded projects.

You will find the main technical details in this newsletter. 
However, our sales team is always available to discuss your own project and your respective application. Feel free to contact them for availability and pricing too, at

Happy reading !

The XpressSX AGI-FH400G Agilex™ SoC Full-height, half-length PCIe board


Main features
  • Intel® Agilex™ I-Series SoC
  • Quad Core ARM® Cortex® A53
  • 2700 KLE
  • PCIe Gen5 x16, CXL™ standard
  • 400GbE (8 x 56)
  • 3x banks DDR4 up to 68GBytes, up to 2666 MT/s
  • 4x HSI connectors (PCIe Gen5 x16 EP/RC)
Easy to use Development Framework:

Set of open-source IP cores for data manipulation
Automatic scripts for complete design synthesis
Single make command to create complete FPGA bitstream
Bitstream identification through DeviceTree ROM
Easy to use software stack in a single RPM package
Linux kernel driver, DPDK support, user space library, tools for the configuration of components
Easy creation of custom application by user-friendly API for component access and DMA transfers
Fully parameterizable and modular hardware and software architecture

Target Network Applications

Hardware acceleration of precise network monitoring, IDS/IP systems, next generation firewalls, test equipment, anti-DDoS and other time-critical networking applications.
Only one card for 10, 40, 100, 200 and 400 GbE link speeds.

Network monitoring probes
▪ high-speed packet capture with up to 512 receive queues, DPDK support
▪ Tracking states of network connections in DRAM memory
▪ Extraction of features for encrypted traffic analysis
▪ PCIe bandwidth can be increased by connector

Security devices
▪ Hardware filters and pattern matching to accelerate IDS/IPS systems
▪ Precise packet filtering and packet capture for lawful interception
▪ Anti-DDoS with hardware IP or flow filtering controlled by software

Ordering part number: XpressSXAGI-FH400GT
Download the flyer HERE 

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