We devote our strong technical culture to your special projects. Developing full turnkey designs or custom solutions based on our clients’ specific requirements represents 60% of activities at REFLEX CES. We offer turnkey solutions, rugged and rackmount systems, as well as modified COTS. At REFLEX CES, developing turnkey solutions goes from board design, FPGA design, analog and RF design, and software design, to mechanical design such as heatsinks or customized thermal development, and even a qualification step if necessary.

Based on your needs, we can develop our rugged and rackmount systems for harsh environments, small spaces, and with active or custom passive thermal dissipation. We provide our expertise for full system development as well as for COTS board integration with or without custom board development. Our Modified COTS are based on existing REFLEX CES COTS boards, with few or many modifications to meet your specific requirements.

We have the technical capabilities to address complete systems as well as offering partial design services such as: hardware, firmware, software, mechanical, CAD P&R, PCB stacking definition, signal integrity with Hyperlynx simulations, certifications, and more.

REFLEX CES also offer off-the-shelf boards, Modules or PCIe boards.

Contact us : sales@reflexces.com

Custom FPGA board benefits

REFLEX CES custom FPGA boards and solutions are optimized to meet all your needs. We program all our internal processes and technologies to meet customer demands.

Our custom FPGA boards are divided into three main categories with specific benefits:

Turnkey solutions: developing your project from A to Z, from FPGA design, board design, and software design and development, to system design, mechanical design and qualification. This is a completely custom solution and is perfectly suited if your project is complex and out of the ordinary.

Ruggedized and rack-mounted systems: developing customized systems to meet precise customer needs such as ruggedization level, specific form factor to meet a specific space, dissipation, or environmental qualification (thermal, vibration, shock, MTBF, and more). REFLEX CES has a long history of working with rugged and rackmount systems and all related aspects.

Modified COTS: REFLEX CES COTS are modified and adapted to meet your needs and requirements. It is the perfect solution to reduce costs or shorten time to market.

Custom FPGA board specifications

Our core business is centered on FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays), known for their high performance and easy customization.

FPGAs are perfect for developing embedded solutions. They are usually used to offer high-capacity memory storage and logic, suitable for acceleration as well as many more applications.

All of our custom FPGA boards can be incorporated into our manufacturing process: product development, system integration, manufacturing and assembly, PCB design and layout, model shop rapid prototyping, industrialization.

All of our custom FPGA boards are designed for embedded applications thanks to our expertise in and focus on embedded development.