Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems

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Electronic warfare and radar systems are a perfect match for high-end FPGA-based designs, thanks to the flexibility, reprogramming and confidentiality that the FPGA technology can provide. Electronic warfare and radar systems are pushing technological limits, always looking for the cutting-edge features that will provide superiority to the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems. They require a huge amount of logic, DSP and parallel signal processing capabilities, high-speed memory interfaces, high-speed transceivers and lots of I/Os to interface the complex Analog RF Front-Ends, and potentially imaging systems as well.

You want to develop a high-end embedded platform based on FPGA technology that is also scalable for several of your projects. This is a complex analog and digital design, which needs to be flexible and programmable in order to acquire many high-speed signals, as well as a lot of logic and CPU/DSP processing capabilities.

  • Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Signal Processing

Key benefits


Market your disruptive product using cutting-edge FPGA technology

We have been working with Intel® and AMD high-end FPGA latest-technology nodes for more than 20 years. We are de-risking those technologies to provide a safe route using best-in-class features on our boards, such as high-speed memories (DDR4/5), high-speed transceivers (28/56G/100 Gbps), PCIe Gen4/5, Analog RF interface to the FPGA (LVDS, JESD204B/C), and solving the power dissipation challenges of the FPGA board and the embedded system.


Secure your project, thanks to our technical expertise and product offerings

We provide a variety of FPGA boards and modules to fit the needs of the electronic warfare and radar systems market. We can also design your own custom board and embedded system.


Speed up your schedule and facilitate your development with our online 24-hour technical support

We provide complete board support package deliverables for our boards. Our skilled engineering team supports you during your development and ramp up phases, as well as throughout the entire product lifetime.


Custom Design Services & Manufacturing of your own Digital & Analog board or System-On-Module

Firmware and Software development, IP integration and validation (JESD204), Embedded System Design and integration.