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Financial Technology (Fintech) is a domain in which companies increasingly require the most innovative and high-end FPGA technologies for their key applications listed on the stock exchanges and the banks. Key applications such as ultra-low latency electronic trading, market data processing, risk analysis, and network acceleration, are using the most advanced FPGA families and have among the biggest logic densities, which makes board designs and FPGA board integration into the server increasingly complex. Differentiation is also important for that market: designing custom boards, sometimes combining an ASIC device with an FPGA in order to achieve a unique solution for a given stock exchange application.


You want to develop a new innovative Fintech platform based on high-end FPGA technology using a form factor similar to smartNIC to fit most servers on the market. It should be flexible and programmable, and also available in a very short time to deploy the Fintech programs as they reach the market.


reflex ces offers you the best board on the market to achieve your ultra-low latency goals by increasing the quantity and speed of your data processing, resulting in enhanced performance : our low-profile XpressVUP-LP9PT3 board, based on a Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P-3 FPGA.
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  • Stock exchange
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Market data

Key benefits


Market the most disruptive and compact hardware based on high-end FPGA and ASIC for ultra-low latency application

We have been working with Intel® and AMD high-end FPGA technologies for more than 20 years. We provide our customers with the latest and biggest-density devices, which can be routed on a compact board in the most efficient way. We have a lot of experience in customer ASIC installation, either as a stand-alone or combined with the FPGA on the same board, together with the right power sequencing and clock domains. We have a deep understanding of the reactivity and quick design cycle required by the FINTECH market.


Secure your project thanks to our technical expertise and product offerings

We provide a variety of FPGA PCIe boards that fit the requirements of the FINTECH market. We can also design your own custom board. We have extensive knowledge to address the server integration aspect, manage it based on your server choice, or offer recommendations.


Speed up your schedule and facilitate your development with our online 24-hour technical support

We provide complete board support package deliverables for our boards. Our skilled engineering team supports you during your development and ramp up phases, as well as throughout the entire product lifetime.


Custom Design Services & Manufacturing of customer own FINTECH Hardware board

Firmware and Software development, IP integration, Thermal simulations, Embedded System Design and Integration