ReFLEX CES expertise and skills cover many aspects of pixels industry. Frame grabbers, video capture cards, compression modules, video buses, digital video recorders, special cameras, switches, video mixer and many other types of pixels oriented designs are the everyday work for our engineers.
In 2014, ReFLEX CES has designed several boards, protocols and low level software drivers and API able into a single PC to control several hundreds of Sony FCB-MA13x camera modules (13MPixel) and to store images issued from this huge array of cameras.
End of 2014, ReFLEX CES developed as an ODM a turn-key system merging GigeVision and HDMI video input streams into GigeVision output streams; all control with GbE dedicated port.
Our R&D team should be able to help and bring 15 years of expertise in your next video project.

Video applications

  • FPGA-Embedded DisplayPort functions (internal IP) 30 inches display: 2560*1300*60Hz*30bpc Altera VIP support (frame buffer, scaler, mixer,…) 3 DisplayPort connectors DisplayPort P1.2: High Bit Rate 2 (HBR2-5.4Gbps) speed Multi-stream (MST) support (allows transporting few simultaneous video streams per connector) PCIe Gen2 * 4
  • Video demo of the smallest, most integrated Xilinx Zynq-7045 module
  • CoaXpress is a new digital transmission standard that allows high speed data from a device, such as a camera, to be transferred to a host, such as a frame grabber.
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