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About us

Since 2000, REFLEX CES has been designing and manufacturing high-speed boards and rugged system solutions based on high-density FPGAs and embedded processors. As a result, the company has vast experience in leading-edge FPGA technology, and is always at the forefront of the market and trends.


REFLEX CES employs 80+ people and is based in France (Paris area). 

REFLEX CES is supported by the french government through the « France Relance » plan,
in order to improve its competitiveness and develop its skills.


Our R&D team of highly skilled engineers is focused on designing mid-to-highly complex boards and systems, thanks to our expertise in Hardware, Firmware, Software, Mechanics, CAD and Signal integrity.

Sylvain Neveu

“Recognized for its expertise in high-speed applications, analog and rugged systems, REFLEX CES has become a trusted and long-term partner with major industrial companies.”

Sylvain NEVEU - Founder and CEO


FPGA board designer since




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Strong values

REFLEX CES strong values

Since 2000, REFLEX CES gather around strong values that creates unity, such as dynamism, Customer commitment, Reactivity, Flexibility, Technical expertise, and Customer satisfaction.

These values reflect our employees, but also our customers and the professionalism we put in our boards and systems.

Human being at the center

Here at REFLEX CES, human-size company, we strongly believe that human being creates the best electronical boards.
Since forever, our people are placed at the center of our company.

Our teams are gathered on small open spaces, to easier communicate but not be disturbed at the same time.
Friendly kitchen, coffee room, afterworksand team evening events makes this teamspirit.

Join the team!

FPGA experts

REFLEX CES offers solutions forevaluation, prototyping and production using the latest FPGA technology solutions such as Modules and PCIe boards. They also offer Custom and MOTS (Modified-COTS) solutions, as well as Servers & systems thanks to a strong expertise on ruggedized and rackmount.
Using this wide product portfolio, REFLEX CES allows fast design development cycles on complex technologies. We also help to reduce risks so that our end customers’ products can be launched without delay.

In addition, REFLEX CES is a unique One-Stop supplier with all the manufacturing capabilities on the same site. As a result, we are able to produce any number of boards from just a few units to several thousands.

REFLEX CES has established itself in numerous markets, such as High Frequency Trading, High Performance Computing, Networking Acceleration, Industrial and Defense & Security.

REFLEX CES boards have almost limitless applications, and adapt well to projects and customers’ specifications.

Here at REFLEX CES, we are bound to have an embedded system that perfectly matches your ambitions.

Our partners

Our global network and production facilities provide manufacturing and customer support worldwide.

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