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Achilles Arria® 10 SoC SoM board

Presentation of the Arria ® 10 SoC som

Product overview

The Arria® 10 SoC SOM is based on the Intel® Arria® 10 SoC FPGA, and is available in three different versions according to the FPGA, memory, and connectors needed (see the “Tech Spec” tab).

Featuring an ARM dual-core Cortex-A9 MPCore and up to 660 KLEs of advanced low-power FPGA logic elements, the Arria® 10 SoC combines the flexibility and ease of programming of a CPU with the configurability and parallel processing power of an FPGA.

Its small size and its strong FPGA makes it perfectly suited to embedded and industrial markets.

Thanks to a system-on-chip (SoC) (an integrated circuit inside the FPGA, most often a CPU (central processing unit) processor), the FPGA can better control the board.

The target markets include automotives, video broadcasting, machine and intelligent vision, industry, military, testing and measurements, and medical.

The Arria® 10 SoC SOM is shipped alone.

This System On Module is also available in a Development Kit : The Achilles DevKit. This Arria ® 10 SoC development kit will provide you with schematics, reference designs and a starter board.
We also offer a PCIe Carrier Board as an optional extra product compatible with all REFLEX CES Arria® 10 SoC SOMs, or we can design a custom carrier board.

Please contact us directly if none are available on

Benefits & features

  • Intel® Arria® 10 SX 270 or 660 KLE
  • PCIe GEN3 x8
  • 228 SE IOs total (113 LVDS)
  • 24 transceivers up to @10Gbps
  • 2x DDR4 banks up to 2400MT/s
  • Industrial Temp
  • Target markets : Life Science Instrumentation, Embedded Industrial, Printing Machines, Radar Systems


The Intel® Arria® 10 SoC family integrates a Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore, hardened floating-point variable-precision digital signal processing (DSP) blocks, along with high-speed transceivers and on-chip memory.

REFLEX CES’s Arria® 10 SoC SOM offers a range of interfaces according to your needs

Our Arria® 10 SoC SOM offers primary interfaces, such as several banks of DDR4 memory, I2C and USB links, FMC connectors (with many available LVDS/single ended I/Os), JTAG connectivity, CPU, peripherals, switches, ethernet interfaces. We also deliver all the relevant design rules for our boards, to develop the customer application carrier board (we can also develop it based on customer specifications). We provide online technical support and schematics, and several certifications may be available on request.

The Arria 10 SoC FPGA is a semiconductor that saves board space with integration, with twice the density of the previous generation. This leads to lower energy requirements and therefore lower power consumption. Our system-on-module is designed for productivity and is perfectly suited to embedded and industrial markets.

Our Arria ® 10 SoC som is specially designed for customer needs. Our sales team is available to advise you on the best solution according to your needs, at


Block diagram of the Arria ® 10 SoC som:

Tech spec

Features Description Achilles "Turbo" Achilles "Indus" Achilles "Lite"
FPGA SoC Arria® 10 FPGA with dual ARM® Cortex TM A9 MPCore TM processor based hard processor system (HPS), F34 package (1152 pins) 10AS066H2F34I1HG
speed grade -1
speed grade -1
speed grade -2
DDR4 Memory 32bit wide bank for FPGA 4GByte @2400MT/s 2GByte @2400MT/s
32bit wide bank for HPS 4GByte @2400MT/s 2GByte @2133MT/s
Communication & Networking 2 Gigabit Ethernet  RGMII on the HPS
USB 3.0 using Cypress FX3 super speed controller


USB 2.0 host/device OTG support connected to the HPS
I²C link support connected to the HPS,EEPROM, Sensor Temp
UART connected to System controller and to HPS
FMC Connectors Top Left
High Pint Count (HPC)
80 LVDS pairs (1.25Gbps) or 160 single ended LVCMOS1.8V
10 Serial transceiver channels (RX and TX) @7Gbps
Power Suplies Output: +12/+3.3V/1.8V/ +VADJ = +1.8V


Top Right
Low Pin Count (LPC)
33 LVDS pairs (1.25Gbps) or 68 single ended LVCMOS1.8V
10 Serial transceiver channels (RX and TX) @7Gbps
Power Suplies Output: +12/+3.3V/1.8V/ +VADJ = +1.8V


Bottom Left
High Pint Count (HPC)
No Power supply, respect +VADJ electrical standard (+1.8V)
80 LVDS pairs (1.25Gbps) or 160 single ended LVCMOS 1.8V
10 Serial transceiver channels (RX and TX) @7Gbps
34 LVDS pairs (1.25Gbps) or 68 single ended LVCMOS 1.8V
10 Serial transceiver channels (RX and TX) @10Gbps
Bottom Right
Low Pin Count (LPC)
33 LVDS pairs (1.25Gbps) or 68 single ended LVCMOS 1.8V
Power Suply +12
Hard Processing ARM peripheral I/Os (GbE,USB2.0,I²C,UART)
FPGA peripheral I/Os (GPIF II= USB3.0)
4 Serial transceiver channels (RX and TX) @10Gbps
10 Serial transceiver channels (RX and TX) @7Gbps
14 Serial transceiver channels (RX and TX) @10Gbps
FPGA Configuration Onboard JTAG configuration circuitry to enable configuration over USB
512Mb Quad SPI Flash for remote upgrade and failsafe configuration
Software Configuration Nand Flash eMMC (Store operating Linux system :

U boot, Kernel and RootFS)

32 GByte 32GByte 8GByte
Module dimensions 86mm x 95mm (3.4 x 3.8 inches)
Weight Turbo/indus module without Mechanics: 87.8g
Lite module without Mechanics: 78.8g
Heat Spreader: 93.9g | Heat Sink: 86.9g | Fan: 15.7g
Temperature range Commercial Industrial Commercial
Deliverables Arria® 10 SoC module (+ heat spreader, heat sink and fan)
Ordering information RXCA10S066PF34-SOM00T RXCA10S066PF34-SOM01I RXCA10S027PF34-SOM00L


Arria® 10 SoC disruptive System-on-Module by REFLEX CES :

Achilles Workshop by REFLEX CES :

Object detection demo using FPGA DNN IP :


Below are the videos regarding The Achilles DevKit :

Setting up your REFLEX CES Achilles Development Kit :

Exploration of REFLEX CES' Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Achilles Development Kit :




  • Arria® 10 SoC module (+ heat spreader, heat sink and fan)


The following deliverables are only included with the purchase of an Arria® 10 SoC SoM Instant-DevKit:

  • Module, Starter board, PCIe carrier board documentation (Reference Manual, Starter Guide)
  • Starter board & PCIe carrier board schematics
  • Carrier Design Guide
  • Mechanical drawings PDF, 3D Step, Assembly files PDF
  • HDL Test Designs
    • Built with Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Version 21.3
  •  FPGA HPS Software
    • Includes U-Boot bootloader (v2021.07) and Linux kernel (v5.10) to run an embedded Linux OS on the FPGA HPS
    • Built with Yocto Project version 4.0 (Kirkstone)
  • Online support at :
    • Quartus Prime Pro DKE under request


Ordering Information

  • Board "Lite" version // RXCA10S027PF34-SOM00L
  • Board "Turbo" version // RXCA10S066PF34-SOM00T
  • Board "Indus" version // RXCA10S066PF34-SOM00I


ECCN Number : 4A994i

CECC (commodity Export Classification Certificate) : Download certificate

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