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XpressVUP-LP9P Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA PCIe board

Presentation of the Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA PCIe board

Product overview

The XpressVUP-LP9P Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA PCIe board is a Low-Profile PCIe Network Processing FPGA Board.
The XpressVUP-LP9P Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA PCIe board is based on a Xilinx® Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA. The device provides the highest performance and integration capabilities in a 14nm/16nm FinFET node.
The board provides 2 banks of DDR4, 2 banks of QDR2+ memories and two QSFP28 cages for multi 10GbE/40GbE/100GbE networking solutions.
The FPGA board is delivered with a PCIe standard or low-profile bracket, and has been specifically designed for optimizing embedded applications.
This low-profile PCIe board is designed for compute-intensive applications, from HPC to Finance and Networking.

If you are looking for less System Logic Cells, you can check the XpressVUP-LP5P Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU5P FPGA PCIe board.


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Benefits & features


  • PCIe Gen3 x16
  • Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ VU9P FPGA
  • On board two DDR4 and two QDR2+ independent banks
  • Two QSFP28 optical cage for multi networking solutions
  • PCIe endpoint with 16 lanes at 8 Gb/s link rate (Gen3)
  • Fail safe configuration flash sector
  • Tandem configuration mode available
  • JTAG connector


  • "Turbo" version                               : VU9P speed grade -2; 2 bank DDR4 by 72bit of 8GBytes total @2666MT/s; 2 banks QDR2+Xtrem by 18bit of 72Mbit each @633Mhz


The XpressVUP-LP9P Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA PCIe board is a low-profile FPGA board, and compliant to RoHS/REACH, ISO9001 and UL standards.

The board is based on the Xilinx® Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P semiconductor FPGA. The device is ideal for compute-intensive applications.
FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array) are used to offer a high capacity of logic and memory storage.

Our Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA PCIe board offers primary interfaces and components, such as PCB and circuitry, 100G Ethernet, pci express slot, DDR4 and QDR2+ memories, JTAG connector, transceivers, clock, power supply, power connector and more (see Specification tab).

The Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, most known as PCI Express, is a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard. Our FPGA board offers a PCI express slots x16. Added to an Xilinx® Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA, this allows our board to be quick and efficient.
The form-factor of the Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA PCIe board is low-profile.

Thanks to a strong embedded development environment, driven by firmware hdl, hardware and embedded software skills, available schematics, datasheet and design tools, the FPGA board is programmed to fit into embedded systems.
Through a perfectly suited Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA design, this evaluation board offers rapid-prototyping, for a quick time-to-market.
The board is delivered with a passive custom heatsink, and can be integrated into a chassis.

Our Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA development board is specially designed for our customers needs and specifications.
Our sales team is available to advise you on the better solution, according to your needs, at


Block diagram of the Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU9P FPGA PCIe board:

Tech spec

FPGA and configuration modules

  • Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ 16nm FPGA : XCVU9P-L2FLGB2104E (Production)
  • XCVU9P-L2FLGB2104E (Production)
  • 2,6 M System Logic Cells
  • 270 Mb UltraRAM (high-density, dual-port, synchronous memory block available in UltraScale+)
  • JTAG connector for external Xilinx USB cable
  • 2x Nor Flash for dual quad SPI (x8) configuration mode

Communication Interfaces

  • PCI Express x16 (Gen 1, 2 or 3)
  • 2 x QSFP28 quad optical cage (2 x 4 XCVR : 28 Gb/s per link) which supports 10GbE/40GbE/100GbE
  • Other protocols supported by the QSFP28 modules


  • On board DDR4, 2x banks by 64 bits + 8 bits ECC, total 8GB
  • On board QDR-II+, 2x banks by 18 bits, total 144Mbits

Operating Range

  • 10°C to 45°C


  • Max 100W
  • Delivered with a passive custom heatsink

Other resources

  • On board programmable PLL oscillator (Si5345), highly flexible and configurable clock generator.
  • On board high precision oscillator provides clock accurate 20MHz-0.05ppm for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Ethernet, synchronisation protocol standardized IEEE 1588
  • One coax connector for PPS (pulse per second) that allows a synchronisation of multiple electronics parts

Board Dimensions

  • Length : 167.7mm (6.59inches)
  • Height : 68.9mm (2.71 inches) / Low Profile PCIe
  • Thickness : 1.57 mm (0.062 inches) / Standard Thickness PCIe

Standards and compliance

  • RoHS/REACH compliant
  • UL certified
  • ISO9001 Facility



Board content

  • Low-profile (half-height) form factor PCIe Board
  • PCIe standard or low profile bracket
  • XpressVUP Board Support Package
  • JTAG adapter board for external USB Xilinx Cable
  • Mechanical files (3D DWF/STEP models and 2D drawing) (upon request)

Ordering information

"Turbo version"                               //       XpressVUP-LP9PT


The XpressVUP is CAPI 2.0 capable on the POWER9 CPU host processors(IBM) and also supports the IBM SNAP framework.

With little FPGA knowledge, the SNAP framework allows application engineers to quickly create FPGA-based acceleration programs in a server environment.

It uses the  IBM CAPI 2.0 Interface which works on standard PCIe physical lanes, but with the benefits of lower latency and coherent memory sharing between CPU and FPGA.

With limited engineering efforts, the XpressVUP board, in combination with CAPI2.0 SNAP, gives our customers the opportunity to significantly increase the performance of applications like storage, Network and  analytics programming.


Note :
CAPI 2.0 stands for Coherence Accelerator Processor Interface
SNAP stands for Storage, Network, and Analytics Programming





ECCN Number : 4A994i

CECC (commodity Export Classification Certificate) : Download certificate

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