Achilles Instant-Development Kit Arria 10 SoC SoM

The Arria 10 SoC SoM provides to developers the best Out-Of-The box experience combining the Best-In Class compact hardware platform and the most efficient intuitive software environment. Featuring an ARM dual-core Cortex-A9 MPCore and up to 660KLEs of advanced low-power FPGA logic elements, the Arria 10 SoC combines the flexibility and ease of programming of a CPU with the configurability and parallel processing power of an FPGA.


The target markets are as wide as Automotive, Video Broadcast, Machine and Intelligent Vision, Industrial, Military, Test & Measurement and Medical.


ReFLEX CES offers the possibility to buy the A10 SoC SoM separately.
We also offer a PCIe Carrier Board as an optional extra, or can propose the design of a custom Carrier Board.