AOC Europe 2024 – reflex ces and apissys introduce their Ares module using Intel® Agilex™ 7 SoC FPGA F-Series and AV153 Direct RF 3U VPX board using Intel® Agilex™ 9 SoC FPGA Direct RF-Series

Oslo, NORWAY – reflex ces, a leading European-based provider of custom embedded systems and high-end FPGA boards, and apissys, a leading European-based provider of custom embedded systems and high-end data conversion and signal processing VPX boards, are proud to present their two star boards at the AOC Europe tradeshow:

  • The “Ares System-On-Module” and its 6U VPX carrier board features Altera’s Agilex™ 7 SoC FPGA F-Series
  • The AV153 board, a 3U VPX / SOSA aligned board, features Altera’s Agilex™ 9 SoC FPGA Direct RF -Series

These 2 products have been specifically designed for Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems.

“With the collaboration of Altera and using its leading edge Agilex FPGA technology, reflex ces & apissys are proud to release their offering of unique FPGA board solutions to the European Defense market for the latest generations of Electronic warfare and Radar systems”
said Eric Penain, Chief Business Officer of reflex ces & apissys

“We are proud to partner with reflex ces as a key European COTS partner to extend the reach of Altera’s tremendous value with increased SWaP and State-of-the-Art offerings we can provide using Intel® Agilex 9 and Agilex 7 families to the defense market in this region”
said John Sotir, Senior Director of Atera’s Military, Aerospace and Government Division, Altera, an Intel company.

The Ares SOM is the most compact, high-performance module on the market with these capabilities, integrating an Agilex™ 7 F-Series FPGA with 2 versions (1.2M and 2.7M logic element densities), 3 banks of DDR4 x72b high-speed memory, 32 high speed transceivers of 32Gbps NRZ or 24 transceivers of 58Gbps PAM4, and more than 300 IOs into a 107mm x 85mm form factor.
Its high-performance transceivers at 32Gbps are capable to run protocols like JESD204B/C to interface with the best data converters available on the market for intensive applications in the Defense market.

The Ares SOM is plugged onto 6U VPX carrier board for development and evaluation purpose like a development kit. This 6U VPX is also rackable for use in field trials and deployment. This 6U VPX board offers a unique feature with its full FMC+ interface able to interface high speed data converter daughter card from various suppliers, QSFP-56, MCIO connector for PCIe Gen4x8, 2x USB type C connectors, and various PS interfaces like 2x RJ45 Ethernet, and 3x USB2.0 Type A, I2C and SPI connectivity.

Ordering part numbers for Ares modules: 

  • RXCAGF012PR24-SOM00I
  • RXCAGF027PR24-SOM00I

Ordering part number for the 6U VPX board: 


More information about the Ares module:
More information about the 6U VPX carrier board:

The AV153 is part of apissys’ range of Ultra-Wideband 3U VPX product range targeting Radar / ECM / SIGINT applications.

Built around the Agilex 9 FPGA, the AV153 provides eight 10-bit ADCs and eight 10-bit DACs up to 64Gbps with an analog bandwidth of 20GHz, thanks to low-noise clock synthesizers and wideband baluns.

This exceptional analog performance enables a wide range of multi-channel applications, including ultra-wideband and direct sampling up to the Ku-band.

With over 2.7 million logic elements, 17K multipliers, a quad-core Arm processor, 3 DDR4 memory banks, and eMMC storage capacity, the AV153 is designed to handle a wide variety of use cases.

Fully aligned with the SOSA standard, the AV153 focuses on interoperability to simplify integration and speed up development times, while offering a range of communication interfaces such as PCIe and 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

Ordering part number:

  • AV153-CS

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Eric PENAIN, Chief Business Officer

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