A consortium of companies wins the Bpifrance call for tenders and launches U-Next, a revolution in the field of nanosatellites

 Reflex ces, U-Space, Unseenlabs and Anywaves are proud to announce their victory in the Spatial call for projects: Development and industrialization of satellite constellations and their enabling technologies. The success of U-pgrade marks the start of a new era with the launch of U-Next, a revolutionary range of nanosatellites designed to redefine performance and reliability standards in the sector.

The U-pgrade project, centered on the development of U-Next and supported by U-Space, aims to demonstrate the technical capabilities of this new generation of nanosatellites, as well as developing a new design-to-manufacture range. In partnership with key industry players, the company is committed to pushing back the boundaries of innovation to meet the growing needs of the space market.

U-Next is part of U-Space’s ambition to become a European leader in the constellation market by 2026, thanks to its new Series 4.0 production plant scheduled for the end of this year. The company is thus broadening its field of application and making a significant contribution to the diversification of space solutions.

The consortium formed for this ambitious project aims to optimize costs by adopting a joint approach to product design and launch strategy. This collaborative approach aims to facilitate the industrialization of constellations, paving the way for an emerging era of efficiency and performance in the space sector.

Winning the U-pgrade tender represents a significant milestone for all four companies, reinforcing their commitment to innovation and the constant pursuit of operational excellence.

U-Next is the fruit of exceptional collaboration with our partners, and we look forward to making the industrial revolution in the space sector.” Fabien Apper, CEO of U-Space.

As an experienced satellite operator, we are delighted to contribute to the U-next project at various levels, in particular by providing our expertise in the expression of system and user requirements, best practices in the field, as well as a pragmatic vision for an efficient and effective industrial organization.” Jonathan Galic, President of Unseenlabs.

This selection alongside our French New Space partners – U-Space, Unseenlabs and reflex ces – as part of France 2030, will reinforce the leadership of the French space industry. Thanks to the support of the French government, via BPI France, this project will help the space ecosystem to innovate across the entire value chain.” Nicolas Capet, Chairman and Founder of Anywaves.

By joining forces in the U-Next project, reflex ces, U-Space, Unseenlabs and Anywaves have opened up new frontiers of innovation, giving concrete expression to our commitment to aerospace excellence“, Sylvain Neveu, President of reflex ces.

About U-Space:

U-Space designs and builds next-generation modular nanosatellites, enabling operators to remove a complex barrier to entry, and facilitate the process of designing and producing dedicated constellations. Indeed, in order to support them, the company offers three specific offerings, namely pre-study, construction and operations support. Founded in 2018 in Toulouse, the company has set itself the goal of becoming world leader in the nanosatellite constellation market by 2025.


About Unseenlabs:

Unseenlabs is the world’s leading provider of radio frequency (RF) data and solutions for maritime surveillance, and is distinguished by the operation of its own satellite constellation. Its unique technology makes it possible to geolocate and characterize any vessel at sea, at any time, regardless of location or weather conditions. Unseenlabs provides its customers with high value-added data and solutions to combat illegal activities at sea.


About Anywaves:

Anywaves, Europe’s only pure-play space antenna supplier, aims to become the world leader in its market. Based in Toulouse, Europe’s space capital, Anywaves designs, manufactures and delivers off-the-shelf (COTS) or customized antennas worldwide. Thanks to the ingenuity and efficiency of its teams, Anywaves, which is EN9100 certified, is rising to the challenge of developing a new generation of antennas with very high added value for its customers.  Performance, reliability and short lead times are the basis of its value proposition. 


About reflex ces:

Renowned for its expertise in high-speed data processing applications, analog conversion systems and ruggedized systems, reflex ces has become a leading partner for large industrial companies.

reflex ces simplifies the adoption of FPGA technology with its complex, customized embedded systems. reflex ces’ platforms offer significant computational capabilities while reducing technological risks and time-to-market for its customers.


For further information, please contact :

U-Space :
Fabien Apper
CEO and co-founder

Unseenlabs :
Cannelle Gaucher
Communications Manager
07 68 70 83 66

Anywaves :
Emilie Genoudet
Communications Director
07 67 70 43 98

reflex ces :
Sylvain NEVEU
01 69 87 02 55

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