Enyx launches an ultra-low latency development framework for building standardized, FPGA-based trading systems, ported on the XpressGXA10 PCIe boards from REFLEX CES using the Arria® 10 FPGA

Enyx launches an ultra-low latency development framework for building standardized, FPGA-based trading systems, ported on the XpressGXA10 PCIe boards from REFLEX CES using the Arria® 10 FPGA

Paris, New York, London, Hong Kong – June 23, 2020 Enyx, a leading developer of high performance solutions for the financial industry, today announced the launch of nxFramework, an FPGA-based development framework designed to reduce time-to-production when developing ultra-low latency trading systems.

Based on 10 years of research and development, nxFramework is the foundation for all Enyx off-the-shelf solutions and provides users with the toolchain to create and manage a large portfolio of applications, such as pre-trade risk check gateways, smart order routers, and tick-to-trade electronic trading platforms.

Aimed at reducing development time through standardizing the core IP blocks needed to build any FPGA-based trading platform, nxFramework enables developers to focus on optimizing their business logic. Included are the following Enyx ultra-low latency IP cores, for which full latency reports can be found on our website:

  • 1G/10G MAC/PCS
  • 1G/10G full TCP stack
  • 1G/10G full UDP stack
  • PCIe streaming DMA

nxFramework has been developed and ported on the XpressGXA10 series PCIe boards from REFLEX CES (XpressGXA10-LP1150T, XpressGXA10-LP1151B). The boards hosts DDR4 and QDR2+ memories and 10GbE/40GbE networking capabilities. The low profile boards thus offer the perfect features for nxFramework to better optimize for ultra-low latency.

In addition to providing a complete development environment, nxFramework is equipped with 60+ IP cores for MMIO, streaming manipulation, math functions, cache and memory management. This library of building blocks further reduces time-to-market through a standardized set of functions that aid in building FPGA-based trading systems.

nxFramework is bundled with Python scripts to manage development flow from synthesis to bitstream and includes a simulation environment for streamlining the overall FPGA development process. Also included are C/C++ libraries for communication with the FPGA and management of the IP cores, as well as drivers which support various Linux distributions — simplifying integration efforts.

Christophe Demouliers, CTO at Enyx, commented: “nxFramework is the first production-ready solution that enables an FPGA developer to design cross chip, cross platform applications using either Xilinx® or Intel® FPGAs, allowing developers to focus on business logic rather than vendor specific hardware requirements. Adding, “The addition of a standardized library of more than 60 IP cores, facilitates the rapid build of any low latency project — allowing any HDL developer to focus on the elements that differentiate their business. Our early access clients using this product have been able to significantly reduce their time-to-production to weeks rather than months.”

Arnaud Derasse, Enyx Co-founder and CEO, said: “Today we are proud to make available the internal technology building blocks that we’ve leveraged to build trading products for the low latency trading community.  Now developers can take advantage of our 10+ years of experience with FPGA within their own solutions.  Mr. Derasse continued, “By collaborating with acclaimed FPGA hardware vendors, we make it easier for firms to adopt FPGA technology as an accelerator for their trading systems. nxFramework can lower both time-to-market and cost of building any FPGA-enabled, low latency trading solution”.

“We are proud to say that our board participated in the development of this fast and trusted nxFramework solution. Our XpressGXA10 series board is rich of features with two QSFP+ optical interfaces for multi networking solutions, PCIe Gen3 x8, various memory options and therefore is a good candidate for such ultra-low latency solution combined with nxFramework to speed up and facilitate customer developments” stated Eric Penain, Chief Business Officer of REFLEX CES.

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 About Enyx

 Enyx is a leading developer and provider of ultra-low latency FPGA-enabled technologies and solutions for the financial, telecommunications, and high performance computing industries.
Focused on delivering higher performance with a lower datacenter footprint, Enyx provides off-the-shelf, end-to-end solutions for the finance industry. The Enyx stack includes ultra-low latency market data normalization and distribution, order execution and in-hardware algo acceleration. Additionally, the Enyx product range features wireless network solutions and a complete FPGA development framework compatible with a range of FPGA platforms.
With a passion for customer service and transparency, Enyx designs products made to deliver the next generation of technology, while maintaining accessibility and flexibility. Among our clients are financial service providers, exchanges, market data vendors, investment banks, brokers and investment funds.
Enyx offers global support to our clients worldwide with locations in Paris, New York, London and Hong Kong.


Based in Paris, France, REFLEX CES is a well-known and trusted supplier to major OEMs across the world, since 2000.
REFLEX CES’ team of highly skilled engineers has been focused on designing and manufacturing high-speed boards and rugged system solutions based on high-density FPGAs and processors. Thanks to its expertise in hardware, firmware, software, mechanics, CAD and signal integrity, REFLEX CES offers full turnkey solutions, or COTS boards based on the latest Intel® or Xilinx® FPGA technologies.
REFLEX CES FPGA boards have almost limitless applications and can be easily adapted to fulfil new projects and required customers’ specifications.

Full latency reports for our solutions are available at www.enyx.com/performance.

For more information, please visit www.enyx.com and www.reflexces.com, or visit Enyx LinkedIn page or REFLEX CES LinkedIn page.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jacqueline Genow
VP, Marketing & Communications
Email: jackie.genow@enyx.com

Eric Penain
Chief Business Officer
Email : epenain@reflexces.com

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