ISDF TOKYO: ReFLEX CES Showcases new Achilles Arria 10 SoC Module
Booth 13, November 1st, 2016, Tokyo, Japan

TOKYO–ReFLEX CES, a leading European-based provider of custom embedded and complex systems, will showcase its expertise in the design and manufacture of complex Ultra low-latency FPGA network accelerator cards at the Intel SoC FPGA Forum 2016. Highlights of the stand include Networking & Processing FPGA boards, Instant-DevKits, OpenCL demos and the new Achilles module.
Intel SoC FPGA Developer Forum (ISDF16) provides the perfect platform for ReFLEX CES to reveal how it is further extending its proven position as a key provide of SoC FPGA-based solutions.

Special highlight – Achilles FPGA SoC module
ReFLEX CES is highlighting at this exhibition its new Achilles (Arria 10 SoC) module, offering four standardized FMC interfaces to give users a system-on-module solution. Achilles is targeting a wide range of markets including Automotive, Video Broadcast, Machine Vision, Industrial, Military, Test & Measurement and Medical.

Other solutions
See the Instant-DevKit Solutions, such as Attila which combines a compact hardware platform with an efficient, intuitive software environment. The DevKit’s unique install and graphical user interface enable an immediate start, and its reference designs enable fast turn-around for short, secure developments.
ReFLEX CES will in addition demonstrate a High Performance Computing (HPC) OpenCL BSP (Board Support Package) based on its Attila Arria 10 GX Instant-DevKit. This solution is a ready to use PCIe Arria 10 GX/SoC FPGA-based hardware accelerator, and offers users a quick and easy way of implementing complex parallel algorithms on a 100% FPGA accelerator target.
See also the FPGA accelerator network processing boards namely the XpressGX5LP-SE, XpressGX5LP-HE and XpressGX5LP-QE and product lines.
The combination of PCI Express, 10G Ethernet, and memory interfaces on highly integrated cards make the perfect production-ready programmable solutions for high performance, ultra low latency network-based computing. ReFLEX CES’s use of leading-edge FPGAs from manufacturer Altera Corp. (ALTR) provides assurance of quality and reliability. The Altera Arria® & Stratix® families of FPGA deliver the highest density, the highest performance, and the lowest power. Leveraging the benefits of leading edge process technologies, proven transceiver and memory interface technology, these FPGAs provides an unprecedented level of system bandwidth with superior signal integrity.

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About Reflex CES
ReFLEX CES entered the HPC world 5 years ago and has been supporting Finance players with their FPGA network acceleration cards for the last four years. Their track record is already consistent and ReFLEX FPGA boards are considered as references. Recognized for its expertise in high-speed applications and low-latency hardware, ReFLEX CES has become a leading partner for the Finance market and our technology is deployed at numerous financial institutions worldwide, including banks, hedge funds, and exchanges.
ReFLEX CES simplifies the adoption of FPGA technology with its leading edge FPGA-based ultra low latency programmable network platforms. ReFLEX CES FPGA network platforms enable sub-microsecond latency market data processing and order execution and enable orders of magnitude superior performance for algorithmic trading, including options pricing and risk management, over conventional software-based and hybrid approaches.
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