ReFLEX CES takes over PLDA Group’s hardware business

ReFLEX CES takes over PLDA Group’s hardware business

ReFLEX CES takes over PLDA Group’s hardware business

Paris, France – February 10, 2015 -­‐ ReFLEX CES, a provider of Modified-­‐Off-­‐The-­‐Shelf (MOTS) solutions and turnkey embedded systems, has added the hardware businesses of its sister companies in the PLDA Group, PLDA and  Accelize.  Effective  from January 1st 2015,  FPGA-­‐based boards and the  SOM  (System-­‐on-­‐Module)  product lines have been transferred to the ReFLEX CES portfolio. The move is part of the ReFLEX CES strategy of diversification for growth and strengthens its position as an established provider of complex FPGA-­‐based solutions.

The new range includes all boards previously sold by PLDA including the Accelize solutions dedicated to the financial market. FPGA accelerator boards, FPGA network processing boards, FPGA prototyping boards and SOM (System-­‐on-­‐Module) product lines complement ReFLEX CES’ existing portfolio of complex, high-­‐speed and mezzanine FPGA boards based on PCIe, VPX and CompactPCI form factors.
“By uniting PLDA Group’s hardware solutions at ReFLEX CES, we strengthen our position as a leading provider of  proven  FPGA-­‐based  hardware  for  both  COTS  and  MOTS  FPGA  solutions,”  commented  Sylvain  Neveu,  ReFLEX CES and PLDA Group COO. “We are setting our strategy for growth by diversifying our business scope, and thereby paving the way for a forecast growth rate of more than 20% in 2015.”

An  ISO9001-­‐certified  manufacturer,  ReFLEX  CES  is  already  established  as  PLDA’s manufacturing partner,  building the XpressGX4, XpressGX5, XpressK7, XpressV7, XPressKUS and the SOM product lines based on Xilinx and Altera SoC FPGA devices.

Expanded management team
In  a  parallel  announcement, senior technologist, Yann Casteignau, has joined ReFLEX CES as Principal  Engineer & Product Manager to manage the company’s FPGA-­‐based board strategy. Casteignau, who previously  served  General  Electric  Healthcare  brings some 20years  experience  from  various  technologist  posts in the field of digital electronic board designs.
Additionally,  ReFLEX  CES  takes  a  first  step into  the US market  through  Kate  Martin,  a  US-­‐based  executive  with PLDA. Taking on the role of Senior Sales Manager for ReFLEX CES, she is responsible for initiating the development of new business in North America and Asia.

ReFLEX CES provides turnkey custom embedded and complex systems, and specializes in Modified-­‐Off-­‐The-­‐Shelf (MOTS) solutions for VPX/OpenVPX, CompactPCI, VME rugged systems, embedded systems, industrial systems,  high-­‐speed  boards,  FPGA  boards  and  PCIe  boards.  Its  expertise  ranges  from  chip-­‐level  and  software-­‐level designs up to complete system-­‐level designs, plus manufacturing services including the production  of  small  and  medium  volumes,  targeting  customers  in  the  military/aerospace,  defense,  telecommunications, medical and industrial sectors. For more information, please visit

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