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ReFLEX CES Partners with Orthogone Technologies to Provide Integrated Ethernet MAC/PCS IP Core Solutions on FPGA COTS Boards

ReFLEX CES Partners with Orthogone Technologies to Provide Integrated Ethernet MAC/PCS IP Core Solutions on FPGA COTS Boards
June 14 th 2017

Montreal & Paris – Orthogone Technologies, a provider of industry-leading semiconductor IP and electronic product design services, today announced their strategic alliance with ReFLEX CES, a
leading provider of complex, high-density FPGA-based boards. This alliance benefits customers by providing them a fully integrated solution based on ReFLEX CES FPGA boards and Orthogone’s
ultra-low latency Ethernet MAC/PCS IP cores. ReFLEX CES has a broad portfolio of highly integrated PCIe networking cards specifically designed for electronic trading and networking applications.

«We are thrilled to collaborate with ReFLEX CES to offer fully integrated high-performance solutions with the lowest possible latency», stated Alexandre Raymond, Senior Vice-President of
Product Development at Orthogone Technologies. «By integrating our Ethernet MAC/PCS IP solution to the ReFLEX CES hardware, we bring very easy-to-use high-performance and ultra-low
latency platforms to our clients.»

One of the first outcomes of this collaborative venture is the release of a high-performance, ultralow latency multi-port 10G Ethernet solution based on Intel Arria-10 FPGA. This solution targets
electronic trading and high-performance networking applications running on ReFLEX CES XpressGXA10-LP1150 low-profile PCIe platform. A white paper presenting an overview of the
solution and the latency and throughput performances is available now.

«We are delighted to work with Orthogone Technologies to offer the best-in-class 10G MAC ultralow latency reference design on our Arria-10 FPGA Low Profile board, and therefore providing a
fast and trusted solution for High Frequency Trading», stated Eric Penain, Sales & Marketing, Director of ReFLEX CES.

ReFLEX CES designs and manufactures custom embedded systems and complex boards based on high-density FPGAs, since 2000. The company is based in France, Evry, with 100+ people including R&D and Manufacturing capabilities. The company provides FPGA COTS boards for several markets, including the Finance market where Ultra Low Latency capability is a key element, and other markets like Networking.

Orthogone offers a range of electronic design services, including FPGA/ASIC design and verification, HW design, PCB design, software development, and full turnkey electronic product
development. Orthogone Technologies provides ultra-high-performance FPGA/ASIC IP cores used in data centers and networking & communication equipment. The company’s IP (Intellectual
Property) portfolio includes ultra-low latency and very low gate count Ethernet MAC and PCS solutions operating at 1, 10, 25, 40, and 100-Gbps.

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