reflex ces made its vision for the future clear, and reassert its forward-thinking vision

Our business of high-tech electronics is everywhere and plays a crucial role in society. In order to keep up with global competition we need to move forward together and best position ourselves on the most complex solutions in the industry.

After several months of teamwork, reflex ces made its vision for the future clear.

The acquisition of apissys – a french company designing boards and systems based on VPX – as well as the evolution of our global branding, reassert our forward-thinking vision.

For the past 20 years, reflex ces, a European advanced technology expert, has worked with market leaders to design and manufacture high-end FPGA-based electronic boards and systems.

apissys analog RF skills will be combined to reflex ces FPGA architectures.

Today, we renew our commitment to deliver the highest level of technical excellence, in order to help push the boundaries of innovation: defense, cybersecurity, bioscience, networking, instrumentation, and finance.

Our best-in-class team of engineers and technology experts keeps growing to answer this challenge.

Thank you all for trusting us.

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