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FPGA servers

Recognized for its expertise in analog and hardened systems, REFLEX CES has become a trusted and long-term partner with major industrial companies. We have capabilities to offer rugged and rackmount systems, as well as customized systems, according to your needs.

REFLEX CES also offer off-the-shelf System-on-Modules, or PCIe boards. If our off-the-shelf products do not meet your needs, you still have the possibility to do Full Turnkey Designs, or Custom Solutions, based on your specific requirements : MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CUSTOM & MOTS

FPGA servers benefits

REFLEX CES offers on-the-shelf and already optimized servers, such as our Hydra 14S. This FPGA server being already developed and programmed, it simplifies the development, offers a quick deployment and a reduced time-to-market.

REFLEX CES also offers OEM servers integration, which is COTS or custom boards integration on servers or PCs of large markets players. This allows a fast development thanks to the high-availability of the products, for an up-and-running project.

Customization is also possible, according to your business needs, to reach high-performances for your final application and for the end-user. The customization can be as wide as FPGA design, board design, software design and development, system design, mechanical design, power supply, and qualification.

FPGA servers can be deployed into data centers, with a specific infrastructure, or used as embedded systems.

Our servers and systems’ real strength is the use of FPGAs (Field Programmable gate array) in our development boards, often coupled with CPU.

FPGA servers specifications

Our FPGA servers are fully programmable and configurable according to the customer needs.

Our rugged and rackmount systems can be developed for harsh environment, small spaces, with an active or custom passive thermal dissipation, according to your needs. We offer our expertise for a full system development (including the architecture, specific rackspace and even operating system), but also only for COTS board integration, and with or without custom boards development.

The FPGA boards can be developed either with Xilinx FPGAs or intel FPGAs.

Cloud services, cloud solutions, acceleration… the needs for a FPGA server are extensive. Our sales team is available to advise you on the best solution, contact us at

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