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REFLEX CES historically develop and offer complex and custom mechanical systems.

REFLEX CES can also provide expertise on the COTS or Custom boards integration on servers or PCs of large markets players such as DELL(R230, R640, R740, T640, R940xa, C4140..), HPE (DL380), Supermicro (1019, 1029).

According to your needs, this integration of our PCI Express boards (FH_FL, HH-HL, ..)based on Intel® and Xilinx® FPGA, can or cannot require the mechanical adaptation of some items of the server, by leaning on a strong mechanical manufacturers network.

After doing these modifications and adaptations, REFLEX CES can proposesubmission to environmental qualifications (CE, FCC, CSA, and more according to your needs).

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request regarding your boards integration.

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